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Montessori School Sacred Heart Children's House
Montessori School

400 2nd Ave NW
Waseca, MN 56093
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All four of my children attended the Montessori.  They all loved it!  It was a great experience where their love of learning began.  It was the perfect amount of time out of their day at that age.  The teachers were wonderful.  I believe they came to know my children as well as I did and I trusted them enough to ask when I had questions about how to handle different situations with each one.  They always had my child's best interests in mind.  The program has many fun facets from celebrating holidays to taking imaginary trips around the world.  They are very respectful of all children's needs and levels of learning.  The environment is always happy and upbeat.  I would highly recommend the Montessori to everyone as a way to introduce your child into the world of school and other children their age.  It makes a wonderful transition to Kindergarten and they will be well prepared to be there after the Montessori experience.

Our family experiences with Montessori have been wonderful.  My kids had great fun learning lots of different things while developing a sense of independence.  The entire staff is fabulous …very caring, friendly, helpful and supportive.  The self paced learning environment is great and helps children gain confidence in what they are doing.   I would recommend Montessori to anyone without a doubt.

We have been so blessed to be a part of the Children's House Montessori family.  The classroom size is small and the teachers are so friendly and get to know the students so well, that we really feel included into a larger family there.  Our child comes home very excited about her day, looks forward to going each morning, and we are amazed at the things she has learned.  We have found the experience to help even us, as parents, to brush up on the solar system, dinosaurs, art history, and geography!  The improvements our daughter has made in writing skills, attention span, independence and socialization have amazed us.  We would highly recommend Children's House Montessori School to anyone. - Rebecca and Chris Schimming


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