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Registration and Enrollment

All registrations and withdrawals are handled through the school office. With the enrollment application there is a $200 registration fee per family.

All immunizations must be current and up-to-date prior to the first day of school (K-4) as mandated by the state of Minnesota. Students will not be permitted to start the school year without the required immunizations.

Preferred enrollment is limited to 20 students per classroom.

If a student seeks enrollment to Sacred Heart School after he/she has previously been enrolled in another elementary school, the following steps will need to be followed before he/she is accepted into the school:

  1. The parents must complete the Sacred Heart registration form and pay the registration fee.
  2. Parents must sign a “release of information” form so that the student’s records can be secured from the other school.
  3. Upon receiving the student’s records, which must include health records, report cards, testing information, and a student’s IEP if he/she has one, a decision will be made by the Pastor and the Principal.

If a student is discharged from Sacred Heart School for:

-A failure to comply with school policy,
-It’s in the best interest of the child or the other students at Sacred Heart,
-A parent removes his/her child

The following steps will need to be followed if the student is to be considered for reenrollment:

  1. Children will not be permitted to re-enroll during the school year. All reenrollments will have to start with the academic year in September.
  2. The parent needs to submit in writing a letter of intent a minimum of two months before the opening of school in the fall as to his/her desire to re-enroll his/her child in Sacred Heart.
  3. Upon receiving the letter of intent to re-enroll, the Principal and Pastor will review the letter of application and make a decision by August 15, of that year, as to the acceptance or rejection of the re-enrollment application.
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