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Dress Code

  1. Children need to be dressed in clean, modest, weather appropriate clothing. Children do go outside before school and after lunch.
  2. Students may not wear pants with holes in them.
  3. Children may not wear short skirts, short shorts, halter tops, tube tops, midriff tops, and tops with spaghetti straps, see-through mesh shirts or muscle shirts that expose the upper torso.
  4. T-shirts with offensive messages are not appropriate.
  5. Belly buttons may not be showing.
  6. No spike jewelry.
  7. Children may not wear hats, caps, or bandannas in the school building.
  8. Students must wear socks and shoes that cover the entire foot. Sandals, flipflops, clogs, etc. will not be permitted. Consider heel height when purchasing shoes for children.
  9. Non-skid tennis shoes are required for physical education and playground activities.
  10. Parents should make sure to use particular discretion when children will be attending Mass or performing in school programs.

Parents will be notified in writing when appropriate clothing is not worn. Repeated incidents may require parents to bring appropriate clothing in if their child/children is/are not following the dress code.

While we have tried to address all dress code situations here; we reserve the right to decide if a student is wearing an inappropriate or unsafe article of clothing.

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